Book, Lyrics & Music by
Giovanni Cipolla & Kevin A. Snyder


Hypothesis, a sung-through rock opera, takes place on two dueling space stations. After the Earth is destroyed, the survivors must work together to save the human race by moving Mars into Earth’s orbit. However, things don’t go quite as intended…or do they?

The play is written with three different focal points in mind; live action, video/animation, and the rock band. The core band (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard) resides on stage behind a scrim. Video is projected on the front of the scrim. This enables a "flip-flop" of the audience's attention.


The Earth is gone, destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion. The bedraggled remnants of the human race survive on two opposing space stations. Levi, a Redox, comes up with a plan: Move Mars into Earth's old orbit, and make it their new home. There's just one problem. There aren't enough rockets on the Redox station to cause an explosion great enough to knock Mars from its orbit. For his plan to succeed, they'll need the help of the Oxidate.

The Redox are uncertain. It is their commander, Mac, who brings their situation to light. With a compromise of assurances and orders, he convinces them that they must try. The Redox agree; they would follow their commander to hell and back.

Initially skeptical about the truce the Oxidate Commander, Thes, finally agrees that cooperation is the only way to save her people. Levi and Thes make plans, but Thes' second in command, Ru, has her own agenda. The Redox are the enemy; there can never be peace. She plants the seed of rebellion in her cohort, Jud, then steps back to watch it grow.

As they move forward with their preparations, Levi and Thes discover feelings they never knew could exist between them.. But as Levi's love for Thes grows, so do the shadows of his past. He hides a dark secret, one he knows Thes could never forgive.

Mars is moved. The Redox and the Oxidate are preparing for their decent, but when Ru assassinates Mac, everything they've moved toward is destroyed.

As a full scale battle erupts around him, Levi realizes there is only one hope: the children. Together, he and Thes gather them and board the escape vessel. But Levi stays behind; he has a wrong to right. For the second time in her life Thes watches as her world is destroyed. The fight for Mars is over. The fight for humanity has just begun.